Egg Donor ID 319338

1997 160 cm 50 kgA+

Sports, camping and traveling

Secondary special education, a pastry chef

A senior administrator at the dental clinic

Allmän och biometrisk information

Year of birth 1997
Height, cm 160
Height, foot 5' 3"
Weight, kg 50
Religion Christian
City of residence St.Petersburg
Eye colour Green-brown
Hair color Dark blond hair
Hair specific Wavy
Hair colour in your childhood Blond hair
Do you have grey hair? (from what age) No
Hair density Luxiriant hair
Body frame slim
Skin complexion Medium (light colour, but will tan moderate to dark)
Freckles No freckles
Race European (Caucasian)

Nationalitet på far-och morföräldrar

Father`s mother Russian
Father`s father Kazakh
Mother`s father Russian
Mother`s mother Russian

Kompletterande information

Why I became an egg donor Once I've realized that all women deserve to experience happiness of parenthood and fulfill their dream, I want to help them. That is why I want to become a donor.
Right handed/ Left handed/ Ambidexter Right handed
Marital status Widowed
Occupation A senior administrator at the dental clinic
Hobbies/interests Sports, camping and traveling
Current and future personal goals Career growth at my present job. And I also want to keep a solid family and travel
Add something about yourself I am a cheerful and sociable person who keeps on moving despite all obstacles. I am a goal-oriented person, a very hard-working and neat woman
Main character traits Snäll, Optimistisk, Ansvarig, Uppmärksam, Nyfiken, Sällskaplig, social, Aktiv, Öppenhjärtlig, Hårt arbetande, Artig, Tolerant, Strikt, Försiktig, Glad, Pålitlig, Ihärdig, Punktlig, Intresserad , Anständig, Trogen, Vänlig, Ackommoderande, Sresstålig, Ledare, Modig, Rättvis, Bra temperament, Skapar ej konflikter, Lätt-utbildad

Medicinsk och genetiska information

Blood group and Rh factor A+
Are you adopted? No
How many full siblings do you have? No
Contraception Condoms
Do you have/Did you have any gynecological diseases/surgeries? No
Do you wear hearing aids? Have any problems with hearing? No
Do you wear contact lenses/ glasses? Have any problems with eyesight? No
Have you had corrective eye surgery? For what problems (nearsighted, farsighted, other?) No
Please rate the health of your teeth Excelletnt (I work at the dental clinic)
Have you ever had braces on your teeth? No
Do you smoke? No
How much alcohol do you consume per week/ month? I can drink 2-3 times a month and at some important holidays
Describe your type of diet I don't follow any diet
Do you have any allergies? No
Do you exercise regularly? Yes, I often walk and go to the gym
Do you take any prohibited drugs? No
Have you had a blood transfusion? No
Have you had been hospitalized for psychical reasons? No
Are there any triplets or twins in your genetic family? No
Have you had any stillbirths, miscarriages, abortions? No
Are you breastfeeding at the moment? No
Do you have any chronic diseases? Chronic tonsillitis
Do you take any medications (prescribed or not)? No
Have you had any hospitalizations/ surgeries? Yes, I donated eggs in 2020
Do you have/Have you ever had these infections: chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes? No

Hälsotillstånd i givarens genetiska familj

Migraines No
Mental illness or disabilities No
Epilepsy No
Muscular dystrophy No
Hearing problems, deafness No
Colour blindness, blindness No
Wearing glasses/ contact lenses, Farsighted/ Nearsighted No
Glaucoma No
Schizophrenia No
Frequent depressions No
Serious congenital malformation No
Clubfoot No
Dwarfism No
Cardiovascular diseases No
More than two miscarriages No
Dermatomelasma, Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis No
Baldness (if yes, specify the age) No
Cancer (specify the type) No
Haemophilia No
Stroke No
Ulcer No
Ovarian tumor No
Uterine (Myoma) fibroids No
Alcoholism No
Drug addiction No
Diabetes before age of 55 No
Autism No

Donor's children

Gender Male 
Year of Birth  
Hair colour  
Eye colour  
Body constitution  
Age walked  
Age toilet trained  
Has problems with hearing/ eyesight?  
Discipline problems  
Mental deficiency  

Donor's relatives

  Year of birth Hair colour Eye colour Height Weight, kg Health rate (1-5) Occupation 
Father`s father        
Mother`s father        
Mother`s mother        
Father`s mother        

Sociala uppgifter och förmågor

Education level Secondary special education, a pastry chef
What languages do you speak, read or write? Russian and basic English
What musical instruments do you play? None
What were/are your athletic skills/favourite sports? I was involved in fencing and circus acrobatics
What are your plans for future education? If I have enough time, I would like to het a training for a stewardess
List 3 last jobs you have had (job title, duties, full-time or part-time job) An instructor coordinator at an amusement park (full time); a senior administrator at a dental clinic
Your philosophy is I always need to love somebody, to expect something and to do something
If you could pass on a message to the recipient(s), what would that message be? I wish you to acquire happiness and a new member in your family as soon as possible!

Temperament och inställningar

Favourite food Boiled and baked food, vegetables
Favourite colour White, black and yellow
Favourite season Summer
Favourite holiday New Year
Favourite book "Master and Margarita" by M. Bulgakov
Favourite music style A music fan
Favourite movies Comedies and family movies
Do you believe in miracles? Yes
Do you follow the news? Yes
Do you believe in astrology? Yes
Do you pray? No
Do you have any pets? Yes
Do you speak with strangers while traveling? Yes
Do you make a wish after falling star? Yes

Lärande och kognitiva förmågor

How well can you acquire knowledge, learning new skills? Do you enjoy it? I'm allways attracted by something new, it inspires me. If I feel interested, I learn quickly. Sometimes I go to bed thinking "I wish morning would come and I would continue learning what I like so much".

Analysera förmågor

How well can you analyze information, extract important and useful details? Do you enjoy it? I can't say that it's one of my favorite things to do. When I was in school and we had to write essays, it took me a long time to get to this task, I kept procrastinating until the last moment. I could do all the other domestic chores, washed the dishes, watched a movie, hung around the apartment, and only then started writing. But once I started, the process went smoothly and quickly, I read a lot of different sources from the Internet and books, I had a clear picture of what to write and I wrote in my own words.

Logik förmågor

How well can you discuss things in a right and reasonable way, make conclusions? Do you enjoy it? I like to talk about things. That's why I fell so much in love with psychology. This science gives me a lot of scope for thinking. When you go deep into it, you can think about why a person has behaved this or that way, what could have happened in their childhood, why they have acted so unkindly, what trauma has caused such a consequence. And that's some of the few things you can think about. I remember one night a friend, who likes to talk about interesting things as much as I do, asked me a question "what does love mean to you?" and we were seriously stuck in that conversation for five hours.

Poesi förmågor

How well can you write poems, set forth your thoughts in poems in a right and nice way? Do you enjoy it? As a child, I enjoyed writing poems. At first they were very funny, like "Mom was walking down the street, she found a beautiful purse". But I grew up, I read more and more books, and I loved literature at school. As a teenager, I wrote a love poem and dedicated it to my first boyfriend. It turned out very beautiful and heartfelt. In high school I wrote a poem for teachers' day and they liked it so much that the head teacher published it in the school newspaper.

Berättande och vältalighet förmåga, elocutionary gåva

How well can you retell stories, speak interesting and well in a nice manner? Do you enjoy it? I don't like retelling much, especially if the information is not close to me or unclear. I am more into making up stories. When I retell, every bit of information seems important to me, and I try not to retell but to learn by heart. It makes the situation more difficult.

Språkliga förmågor

How well can you learn and use languages (not only foreign languages, but also your native language)? Do you enjoy it? Honestly, I I hated foreign languages as a student, I didn't understand anything. I thought it was terribly difficult and I only got A's only thank to copying my homework off the Internet. After school I had a friend from another country, he could speak Russian very little, but mostly spoke English. And I was so embarrassed that I didn't understand him, that I had to use the translator in communication with him.

Kommunikativa förmågor

How well can you communicate, make new acquaintances, hand over information and receive information? Do you enjoy it? In fact, I really like making new acquaintances. I easily find common language and I am not difficult to start a dialogue with because I always give detailed answers, I always develop the topic, tell something, then I remember something else and tell it again. Of course, if I'm not in the mood, sometimes it's hard to get a word out of me. But I am not that good at getting in touch with anyone. There are people whom I usually say that I do not feel at ease with and I just do not want to communicate especially intimately and privately. I cannot even explain the reason, I just do not want to, and that is all, even if the person is very good. But there are people to whom I am attracted and with whom I find contact very quickly. That is how you can become close friends even in a week.

Sport förmågor, att ha en kompetent kropp

How well can you do sports, for instance: swimming, skiing, skating, playing volleyball and other physical activities? Do you enjoy it? I'm not very good at sports. Perhaps school and the way everyone laughed at me when I couldn't do something could have influenced this. I can't stand running, I got panting very quickly. However, I like skating and swimming. My mother and I used to go to the pool every week. The water is somehow relaxing and calming. And on skates you get an unbelievable buzz from the speed, especially when you skate with headphones and music.

Förmågor och, koreografisk förmågor sin kropp plasticitet

How well can you dance, move in rhythm with music, make dancing movements? Do you enjoy it? Sometimes I feel inseparable with the music. It's always with me, at work, at home, in my headphones on the street. Wherever it comes from, I always start either singing or dancing. Not so long ago we had a corporate party, where there was an opportunity to go out on the dance floor. I was one of the very last to leave just because I couldn't leave the dance floor and stop listening to the songs I really like. Thanks to the DJ for guessing my taste in music right.

Fantasi förmågor

How well can you generate ideas, express your thoughts and ideas in a creative way? Do you enjoy it? It's hard for me to come up with something out of nothing. I need some leads to generate something new. I guess I up-generate them rather than generate them from scratch, I need some kind of idea. I remember we had a creative project. It had to be somehow interesting and creative to put together a portfolio of games for kids, collections of magazines, collections of videos with something educational, etc. I had absolutely no idea of how to collect and organize it into folders. And at that moment I watched a fairy tale was on TV, I don't remember what exactly. And then I got the idea to do the Wonderland, where was the English Cave of Wonders (there were children's magazines with English and language development games), Masters House (there was a library of books and TV with educational material). And to all this was attached a map with an interesting story. It turned out very nicely, but this idea appeared only due to that clue from a fairy tale.

Ritning förmåga

How well can you draw or paint? Do you enjoy it? I adore drawing with a pencil, these skills were passed down to me from my mother, she always drew beautifully, and her father was an artist and he sold his paintings. But I never liked paints and gouache. My heart belongs to pencils. I even remember a story: I was a student of the 5th grade, and I saw a very beautiful high school student, who looked like a model or an actress in the movies to me. I thought that when I grew up I would be the same beautiful. And I found her pictures on social nework, drew her portrait from one picture and sent it to her, she was very touched. Now I smile to remember how I dared to do it. But at the same time, I am glad that I am not ashamed to do something, even if it may seem unusual and weird.

Sjungande förmågor, att ha ett bra öra

How well can you sing, sing along, sing with karaoke, sing in a bathroom? Do you enjoy it? I wouldn't say I have a Polina Gagarina voice (she is a famous Russian singer), but I've always liked singing. I often sang to my mom and at the holiday table. I also liked to see myself as a singer, to play a fonogram of a song and sang with a microphine, looking at the mirror. I was wondering how I could look if I performed on stage.

Handlar förmågor

How well can you act as an actress: to enter into some role, to play up to somebody’s play? Do you enjoy it? It depends on the situation. If I feel shy, it is difficult to get into character. It's far easier with the kids, probably, because you don't have to make so much effort. You can just frown and they will believe that you are playing the villain. I can get into character when I play in sketches or events more than in a game. Once I played a withc and the Snow Queen and I managed to sound like a mean and arrogant woman. My friends had fun, because they didn't expect to see me in that role but the others took it seriously.

Personliga motivation

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Our egg donors are young Caucasian women under the age of 32, mostly of north-European phenotype (fair skin, blue/grey/green/brown eyes, blond/brown hair). They have their own healthy children, good education (professional and higher) and regular jobs. Being mothers themselves, they have a true desire to help childless women experience the joy of motherhood.

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