Egg Donor ID 353638

1997 160 cm 60 kgA-

I love music, dancing, folk dancing (I attend calsses time after time), I enjoy doing fitness and I send much time with my kids. We walk together, attend entertainment centers for children. I love reading on different languages and now I read more fairytales, I teach my girls other cultures and languages. It's important for me that they know our world is multicultural.

College diploma in commerce

I work as an administrator of a trade chain. I'm a also a certified make-up artist, I work part-time as a make-up artist when I have days off at my full-time job.

Allmän och biometrisk information

Year of birth 1997
Height, cm 160
Height, foot 5' 3"
Weight, kg 60
Religion Muslim
City of residence St.Petersburg
Eye colour Brown
Hair color Dark blond hair
Hair specific Wavy
Hair colour in your childhood Dark brown hair
Do you have grey hair? (from what age) No
Hair density Thick hair
Body frame slim
Skin complexion Medium (light colour, but will tan moderate to dark)
Freckles No freckles
Race European (Caucasian)

Nationalitet på far-och morföräldrar

Father`s mother Daghestan
Father`s father Daghestan
Mother`s father Daghestan
Mother`s mother Daghestan

Kompletterande information

Why I became an egg donor I have an opportunity to help those people who are eager to experience blessing, delight and warmth, hugging their beloved and long-awaited child.
Right handed/ Left handed/ Ambidexter Right handed
Marital status Widowed
If married, how many years? My husband died in 2022
Occupation I work as an administrator of a trade chain. I'm a also a certified make-up artist, I work part-time as a make-up artist when I have days off at my full-time job.
Hobbies/interests I love music, dancing, folk dancing (I attend calsses time after time), I enjoy doing fitness and I send much time with my kids. We walk together, attend entertainment centers for children. I love reading on different languages and now I read more fairytales, I teach my girls other cultures and languages. It's important for me that they know our world is multicultural.
Current and future personal goals It's difficult to set global goals for the future. I'm planning to keep on growing professionally and to make more kind things for other people. My life should be remembered not just with my care about my family but also with good actions towards unknown or not well-known people. To leave my own mark of kindness in the world.
Add something about yourself Religion in the country where I was born says that the main human value is acts of kindness towards others. I'm not a religious person at all but I like this idea very much. In this world there is so much pain and evil. My husband died at war that couldn't bring anything good, but losses, tears and pain. Now every day I'm trying to live the way I do something kind that makes other people's lives a bit better.
Main character traits Snäll, Ansvarig, Uppmärksam, Sällskaplig, social, Prydlig, Aktiv, Öppenhjärtlig, Hårt arbetande, Blygsam, Försiktig, Glad, Trogen, Vänlig, Modig, Rättvis, Skapar ej konflikter, Lätt-utbildad, Omtänksam

Medicinsk och genetiska information

Blood group and Rh factor A-
Are you adopted? No
How many full siblings do you have? No
Contraception Contraceptives
Do you have/Did you have any gynecological diseases/surgeries? No
Do you wear hearing aids? Have any problems with hearing? No
Do you wear contact lenses/ glasses? Have any problems with eyesight? No
Have you had corrective eye surgery? For what problems (nearsighted, farsighted, other?) No
Please rate the health of your teeth Good
Have you ever had braces on your teeth? No
Do you smoke? No
How much alcohol do you consume per week/ month? No
Describe your type of diet No diets
Do you have any allergies? No
Do you exercise regularly? Yes, I do fitness, swim and dance and I walk a lot with my daughters at the weekend. We walk in parks and go to the green, to the country side.
Do you take any prohibited drugs? No
Have you had a blood transfusion? No
Have you had been hospitalized for psychical reasons? No
Are there any triplets or twins in your genetic family? No
Have you had any stillbirths, miscarriages, abortions? No
Are you breastfeeding at the moment? No
Do you have any chronic diseases? No
Do you take any medications (prescribed or not)? No
Have you had any hospitalizations/ surgeries? No
Do you have/Have you ever had these infections: chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes? No

Hälsotillstånd i givarens genetiska familj

Migraines No
Mental illness or disabilities No
Epilepsy No
Muscular dystrophy No
Hearing problems, deafness No
Colour blindness, blindness No
Wearing glasses/ contact lenses, Farsighted/ Nearsighted No
Glaucoma No
Schizophrenia No
Frequent depressions No
Serious congenital malformation No
Clubfoot No
Dwarfism No
Cardiovascular diseases No
More than two miscarriages No
dermatodyschromia, rash No
Dermatomelasma, Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis No
Baldness (if yes, specify the age) No
Cancer (specify the type) No
Haemophilia No
Stroke No
Ulcer No
Ovarian tumor No
Uterine (Myoma) fibroids No
Alcoholism No
Drug addiction No
Diabetes before age of 55 No
Autism No

Donor's children

Gender Female Female 
Year of Birth   
Hair colour   
Eye colour   
Body constitution   
Age walked   
Age toilet trained   
Has problems with hearing/ eyesight?   
Discipline problems   
Mental deficiency   

Donor's relatives

  Year of birth Hair colour Eye colour Height Weight, kg Health rate (1-5) Occupation 
Father`s father        
Mother`s father        
Mother`s mother        
Father`s mother        

Sociala uppgifter och förmågor

Education level College diploma in commerce
What languages do you speak, read or write? Russian, English, Lezghian, Azerbaijanian
What musical instruments do you play? Dambur, Gutar, Piano
What were/are your athletic skills/favourite sports? I love different sports but not professional. Swimming, fitness, dancing, volleyball, basketball.
What are your plans for future education? I'm planning to get university degree in management (management of enterprise)
List 3 last jobs you have had (job title, duties, full-time or part-time job) 7 years in own company (a big trade chain), there I have a good career growth.
Your philosophy is Despite all the difficulties to believe in better, as we have only one life and it's up to me what way my life goes.
If you could pass on a message to the recipient(s), what would that message be? You will definitely succeed! From my part I will do everything to help you and the very first attempt brings your long-awaited baby! My daughters are my stars and I want to make something good for you and you will get your own little star.

Temperament och inställningar

Favourite food BBQ, khinkali and pizza
Favourite colour White
Favourite season Summer
Favourite holiday New Year's Eve
Favourite book Poems by Rasul Gamzatov
Favourite music style I love any good music in any genre
Favourite movies The most importnt is the quality of the movie, not the genre
Do you believe in miracles? Yes
Do you follow the news? Yes
Do you believe in astrology? Sometimes
Do you pray? No
Do you have any pets? No
Do you speak with strangers while traveling? No
Do you make a wish after falling star? Yes

Lärande och kognitiva förmågor

How well can you acquire knowledge, learning new skills? Do you enjoy it? In my life I often had to get new skills. Studies at school and at college were easy for me and when I got my first jo, I learnt all necessary professional skills very fast and my career developed very well, from the lower position to the administrator. Now I'm planning to get a university degree and apply for a top manager position.

Analysera förmågor

How well can you analyze information, extract important and useful details? Do you enjoy it? After my husband's death, I took a full responsibity and care of my two daughters. That's why I have to analyze a lot of different information, extracting the main sense. I enjoy doing that and this skill of mine is appreciated not only by my family members but also by my colleagues.

Logik förmågor

How well can you discuss things in a right and reasonable way, make conclusions? Do you enjoy it? Discussing in a reasonable way is a very useful ability for a single mom. I take a huge responsibility for all the conclusions I make but I don't enjoy waffling or discuss events and people.

Poesi förmågor

How well can you write poems, set forth your thoughts in poems in a right and nice way? Do you enjoy it? When I want to write a poem congratulation for my family or close friends - I can do that with pleasure! But just to express myself - I never do that.

Berättande och vältalighet förmåga, elocutionary gåva

How well can you retell stories, speak interesting and well in a nice manner? Do you enjoy it? To pass information in a beautiful and correct way is an important skill for every person at a leading position. I have several people on my staff and I guess I express them my thoughts in the right way. I enjoy doing that as I see that people understand me.

Språkliga förmågor

How well can you learn and use languages (not only foreign languages, but also your native language)? Do you enjoy it? It's my strongest skill, all languages have always been easy for me. I know several languages and I can speak fluently.

Kommunikativa förmågor

How well can you communicate, make new acquaintances, hand over information and receive information? Do you enjoy it? I'm very picky at choosing close friends for my personal circle of communication. I'm good at communicating at work or with customers but it's a short-time interaction. To let a person enter my life I have to be sure that we get on well, we are nice and interesting one for another.

Sport förmågor, att ha en kompetent kropp

How well can you do sports, for instance: swimming, skiing, skating, playing volleyball and other physical activities? Do you enjoy it? I love sports and active rest. I enjoy dancing, fitness and swimming.

Förmågor och, koreografisk förmågor sin kropp plasticitet

How well can you dance, move in rhythm with music, make dancing movements? Do you enjoy it? I can feel the music very well, I can dance oriental dances in a very beautiful manner. I would say I'm in a good contact with my body, music and rhythm are coordinated well with my movements.

Fantasi förmågor

How well can you generate ideas, express your thoughts and ideas in a creative way? Do you enjoy it? I'm a creative person, I can easily generate ideas and plan their realization.

Ritning förmåga

How well can you draw or paint? Do you enjoy it? I do not enjoy drawing. Generally I don't like expressing my thoughts on paper. I rather enjoy express myself in an action, arranging something or dancing, singing.

Sjungande förmågor, att ha ett bra öra

How well can you sing, sing along, sing with karaoke, sing in a bathroom? Do you enjoy it? I'm very good at singing. Since my childhood we had tradition of singing together with my granny, we sang folk songs and lullabies. I enjoy singing, I often sing along when I do household.

Handlar förmågor

How well can you act as an actress: to enter into some role, to play up to somebody’s play? Do you enjoy it? At all the holidays and events I take part in different performances, competitions, I can play up to somebody's play if it's necessary. I have no fear of the stage, I'm not afraid of acting in a big audience, I really enjoy that.

Personliga motivation

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Our egg donors are young Caucasian women under the age of 32, mostly of north-European phenotype (fair skin, blue/grey/green/brown eyes, blond/brown hair). They have their own healthy children, good education (professional and higher) and regular jobs. Being mothers themselves, they have a true desire to help childless women experience the joy of motherhood.

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