Egg Donor ID 357044

1999 163 cm 50 kgB+

All my free time I spend with my daughter and my family, my pets. We try to go to the countryside for long walks, my daughter go horse riding and I share this hobby with her. I often go to the gym as I used to do different sports, I'm a candidate master of sports.

Medical college diploma

For last 2 years I've been woking as an employee at the restaurant, at administrative position.

Allmän och biometrisk information

Year of birth 1999
Height, cm 163
Height, foot 5' 5"
Weight, kg 50
Religion Christian
City of residence St.Petersburg
Eye colour Greyish-green
Hair color Middle blond hair
Hair specific Straight
Hair colour in your childhood Blond hair
Do you have grey hair? (from what age) No
Hair density Normal
Body frame slim
Skin complexion Medium (light colour, but will tan moderate to dark)
Freckles Some freckles on face in spring-summer time
Race European (Caucasian)

Nationalitet på far-och morföräldrar

Father`s mother Russian
Father`s father Russian
Mother`s father Russian
Mother`s mother Russian

Kompletterande information

Why I became an egg donor My life will begin soon! My parents don’t know yet but I’m already here. I’m a girl or a boy, I will have blond hair or maybe dark, blue eyes or maybe green. Nothing defined yet except for one thing – I’m already waiting for my parents.
Right handed/ Left handed/ Ambidexter Right handed
Marital status Married
If married, how many years? Since 2019
Occupation For last 2 years I've been woking as an employee at the restaurant, at administrative position.
Hobbies/interests All my free time I spend with my daughter and my family, my pets. We try to go to the countryside for long walks, my daughter go horse riding and I share this hobby with her. I often go to the gym as I used to do different sports, I'm a candidate master of sports.
Current and future personal goals For 2 years already we've been planning to move from our flat to our house. And we are trying hard now to finish this process this year. I would love to leave my job and start my own business related to something I really love, something that brings me joy every day.
Add something about yourself When I was a child I brought home all stray animals. At school I took part in all the additional classes: dancing, declaring poems, singing. I did skydiving twice in my life. At the weekends me and my daughter we bake cakes. Every summer we go to Sochi and we are planning to move and live there.
Main character traits Snäll, Aktiv, Förtroendefull, Hårt arbetande, Tolerant, Pålitlig, Trogen, Sresstålig

Medicinsk och genetiska information

Blood group and Rh factor B+
Are you adopted? No
How many full siblings do you have? No
Contraception Contraceptives
Do you have/Did you have any gynecological diseases/surgeries? No
Do you wear hearing aids? Have any problems with hearing? No
Do you wear contact lenses/ glasses? Have any problems with eyesight? No
Have you had corrective eye surgery? For what problems (nearsighted, farsighted, other?) No
Please rate the health of your teeth Excellent
Have you ever had braces on your teeth? No
Do you smoke? No
How much alcohol do you consume per week/ month? I don't drink alcohol for 2 years already.
Describe your type of diet I have no food restrictions. I eat meat, fish, vegetables and grains. I don't drink juices or soda at all. I try to limit the amount of sugar.
Do you have any allergies? No
Do you exercise regularly? Yes, fitness, walks, jogging and yoga.
Do you take any prohibited drugs? No
Have you had a blood transfusion? No
Have you had been hospitalized for psychical reasons? No
Are there any triplets or twins in your genetic family? No
Have you had any stillbirths, miscarriages, abortions? No
Are you breastfeeding at the moment? No
Do you have any chronic diseases? No
Do you take any medications (prescribed or not)? No
Have you had any hospitalizations/ surgeries? Cesarian section
Do you have/Have you ever had these infections: chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes? No

Hälsotillstånd i givarens genetiska familj

Migraines No
Mental illness or disabilities No
Epilepsy No
Muscular dystrophy No
Hearing problems, deafness No
Colour blindness, blindness No
Wearing glasses/ contact lenses, Farsighted/ Nearsighted No
Glaucoma No
Schizophrenia No
Frequent depressions No
Serious congenital malformation No
Clubfoot No
Dwarfism No
Cardiovascular diseases No
More than two miscarriages No
Dermatomelasma, Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis No
Baldness (if yes, specify the age) No
Cancer (specify the type) No
Haemophilia No
Stroke No
Ulcer No
Ovarian tumor No
Uterine (Myoma) fibroids No
Alcoholism No
Drug addiction No
Diabetes before age of 55 No
Autism No

Donor's children

Gender Female 
Year of Birth  
Hair colour  
Eye colour  
Body constitution  
Age walked  
Age toilet trained  
Has problems with hearing/ eyesight?  
Discipline problems  
Mental deficiency  

Donor's relatives

  Year of birth Hair colour Eye colour Height Weight, kg Health rate (1-5) Occupation 
Father`s father        
Mother`s father        
Mother`s mother        
Father`s mother        

Sociala uppgifter och förmågor

Education level Medical college diploma
What languages do you speak, read or write? Russian, English
What musical instruments do you play? I don't play, I prefer listening.
What were/are your athletic skills/favourite sports? I regularly go to the gym, do cross fit and go swimming.
What are your plans for future education? To get university degree as a vet.
List 3 last jobs you have had (job title, duties, full-time or part-time job) For the last several years I have worked as an administrator at the restaurant, in different restaurants of one chain. I have administrative duties: fullfilment of the tasks of top managers, control and organization of events, woking with cash, staff management.
Your philosophy is I haven't found any exact "meaning of life", I just live my life with the idea of getting more positive emotions every day, not to seat still, move more in the space and in my own personal development.
If you could pass on a message to the recipient(s), what would that message be? I would like to wish you patience and to tell you that it's not important if your way is fast and easy or long and thorny. It's important that in the end this way will lead you towards a happy and long-awaited result.

Temperament och inställningar

Favourite food Pasta
Favourite colour Emerald
Favourite season Autumn
Favourite holiday Birthday
Favourite book The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
Favourite music style I listen to many musical genres
Favourite movies Drama and melodrama
Do you believe in miracles? Definitely
Do you follow the news? Yes
Do you believe in astrology? Yes
Do you pray? Not regularly, but when I attend the church, once in 2-3 weeks - then yes.
Do you have any pets? Yes, dogs.
Do you speak with strangers while traveling? It happens when an interlocutor is interesting for me.
Do you make a wish after falling star? Yes

Lärande och kognitiva förmågor

How well can you acquire knowledge, learning new skills? Do you enjoy it? I enjoy doing that and I get the whole flow of different information at work and in my free time. At work we often attend professional trainings and forums. In my free time I enjoy my different hobbies or attending interesting exhibitions. New knowledge and skills are acquired faster if I'm motivated enough.

Analysera förmågor

How well can you analyze information, extract important and useful details? Do you enjoy it? Due to my working field, I often extract key moments from the informational flow and exclude unimportant things. The same as with new knowledge - I analyze data faster when I'm interested in that.

Logik förmågor

How well can you discuss things in a right and reasonable way, make conclusions? Do you enjoy it? It depends on what I'm discussing now and in what situation. If it's about some strong emotional shock, my developed empathy let emotions rule and I don't assess the situation from all sides. In general, it's enough for me to think about situation once and I can make conclusions.

Poesi förmågor

How well can you write poems, set forth your thoughts in poems in a right and nice way? Do you enjoy it? I've never tried to write poems because it doesn't attract me but at school I could write a big and extended essay on different topics.

Berättande och vältalighet förmåga, elocutionary gåva

How well can you retell stories, speak interesting and well in a nice manner? Do you enjoy it? I can remember a big amount of information if I'm good at the topic and I can easily retell. At school I attended different conferences where I spoke. At work I run professional training with a big informational flow.

Språkliga förmågor

How well can you learn and use languages (not only foreign languages, but also your native language)? Do you enjoy it? As I communicate much and very often, my speech is very well developed. I have a reach vocabulary. People often create funny words and use them when they speak.

Kommunikativa förmågor

How well can you communicate, make new acquaintances, hand over information and receive information? Do you enjoy it? I can communicate with anyone and make them talk easily or at least make new acquaintances and find communicative points, I have always been a sociable person.I have a wide circle of friends and colleagues. I enjoy communication and do that often, meet new people.

Sport förmågor, att ha en kompetent kropp

How well can you do sports, for instance: swimming, skiing, skating, playing volleyball and other physical activities? Do you enjoy it? For all of my life I've been doing sports. I studied at sports class, took part in sports competitions up to the age of 18. Later I realized I don't want to connect my professional life to sports and started doing sports in an amateur way. I go swimming, go regularly to the gym, we go cycling with my family. In summer we go sapa riding. I did skydiving once. I love sports and I can't imagine my life without sports.

Förmågor och, koreografisk förmågor sin kropp plasticitet

How well can you dance, move in rhythm with music, make dancing movements? Do you enjoy it? In my opinion, I'm good at dancing along, people around me never complain :) I don't have any special love to dancing but I would always accompany my friends.

Fantasi förmågor

How well can you generate ideas, express your thoughts and ideas in a creative way? Do you enjoy it? I can draw, write and invent if it means to express my thought in a creative way. To find some creative solutions and ideas - this is something that I often do at work. It's quite interesting.

Ritning förmåga

How well can you draw or paint? Do you enjoy it? In my childhood I used to draw often and much, I really enjoyed that and I even attended art school for some time but later I made up my mind for sports. Now I'm ok with number paintings.

Sjungande förmågor, att ha ett bra öra

How well can you sing, sing along, sing with karaoke, sing in a bathroom? Do you enjoy it? My homemates don't complain as I don't sing often. I don't sing in front of listeners, only in a group where you can't understand who sings and who howls.

Handlar förmågor

How well can you act as an actress: to enter into some role, to play up to somebody’s play? Do you enjoy it? I don't often have a chance to enter different roles but it happens I have to tune on customer's vibe at work or at corporate events. I have never been involved in acting, I didn't try myself as an actress.

Personliga motivation

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Our egg donors are young Caucasian women under the age of 32, mostly of north-European phenotype (fair skin, blue/grey/green/brown eyes, blond/brown hair). They have their own healthy children, good education (professional and higher) and regular jobs. Being mothers themselves, they have a true desire to help childless women experience the joy of motherhood.

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